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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Selling Your Vehicle To DealerShift

    Contact us at

    We will collect some basic information on your vehicle and provide you an estimate within 24 hours.

    If you are OK with our estimate, we can schedule a Carcierge to come to you and do a quick mechanical and cosmetic inspection of your vehicle. Your estimate may be adjusted  either up or down based on vehicle condition.

    If you agree to sell us your vehicle, we can prepare a bank draft, meet you at an insurance office of convenience to you and take the vehicle away.

    DealerShift will pay you with a certified bank draft and at the time of vehicle collection.

    You will need your ICBC registration and your proof of identification. If there is more than one registered owner, both parties will need to be present.

    We can request a lease payout quote on your behalf. Based on your vehicle valuation estimate, you may be able to get money back if you are in a positive equity situation.

    You will be required to request a bank lien payoff quote showing the amount outstanding and valid payoff date.