Our Guarantee

Real Peace of Mind. No Games. 

DealerShift Guarantee

Sometimes, your vehicle doesn’t fit your needs. It seemed like the one, but it wasn’t. We understand. That’s why we’ve got you covered.


Not the right match? We understand. Bring it back, no questions asked with our 7-days, 300km money-back guarantee. Say NO to Buyer’s Remorse.


Each DealerShift vehicle comes with a 30-day, 2000km powertrain warranty to ensure you are protected.

Protection Plan

Love your car beyond its factory warranty with an optional DealerShift Protection Plan.

DealerShift Protection Plan

Over the lifetime of your vehicle ownership, adding kilometers to your car will also mean an increasing risk of unexpected repairs. Instead of worrying about the many things that could go wrong with your vehicle, let the optional DealerShift Protection Plan provide you comfort, by going beyond your manufacturer’s warranty, in terms of coverage, mileage and time. 

DealerShift has two plans available for purchase. More details are outlined below. Contact Us for pricing.

What Our Plan Covers



• Airbags
• Heated seat elements
• Lane assist system
• Fuse box
• Wiring
• Coil springs
• Windshield washer reservoir and spray nozzles
• Rear park assist cameras and system




Drive Axle



Air Conditioner





Extra Comfort Provided by Our Protection Plan:

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Nobody wants to sit on the side of the road waiting for their vehicle to repair itself. Take comfort in knowing we're there when you need us.

Trip Interruption

Enjoy the comfort of lodging and a meal up to $150 per day, $750 per event when you experience a breakdown and a repair lasts overnight.

Rental Benefits

Don't lose time on the road while your vehicle is being repaired. We'll cover a rental vehicle for up to $65 per day, $260 per repair visit.

Keyless Remote Protection

If you lose or damage your phone and you use your mobile phone to open your vehicle (OEM enabled door lock) we will cover up to one repair or replacement.

Multi-media Software Package

We'll cover the cost up to $500 in manufacturer recommended software updates to your vehicle's onboard infotainment systems, so you don't end up in the ocean when you were trying to get to the grocery store.

Genuine OEM Parts

When your vehicle needs a replacement part, you're covered for genuine parts from the original manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions


Once the manufacturer’s warranty expires, you have nothing to protect you from expensive vehicle breakdowns, repairs or failures. Most vehicles come with a 3 year/60,000 km or 4 year/80,000 km bumper-to‐bumper warranty. The Dealershift Protection Plan can go beyond the manufacturer warranty in length and mileage to provide total peace of mind through your vehicle ownership experience. 

DealerShift has partnered with LGM Financial Services, one of the largest providers of OEM and aftermarket warranties in Canada. Their product is valid across North America.

All vehicles that are 13 model years or less can be covered.

Coverage will begin as soon as the manufacturer warranty is expired.

Yes, you have the option to choose from $0, $50, $100, $250 & $500 deductible at time of purchase of the protection plan.

The claim process is easy. Simply call the number provided on the contract and you will be provided with an authorization code. You can take your vehicle to any dealership or certified mechanic shop of your liking. All you have to pay is your deductible.

You can pay via any major credit card, debit card or e transfer. If you don’t wish to pay for the full cost upfront you can also finance the warranty through LGM at 0% interest with no credit check required.

The PPSA (Personal Property Security Act) fee is a type of registration fee the bank charges when you finance.
It is a fee the bank charges and varies based on the term of financing. This fee will generally range between $50-$100.

Yes, simply call us and we will help transfer the warranty to the next owner.

Yes, you have 30 days from time of purchase to cancel this plan to receive full refund. If you cancel after 30 days then you will receive partial, prorated refund.