Our Difference

We’re different. Not just to be different. But to make buying a car better for you.

How we’re different.

The world is changing. Why hasn’t the process of buying a car? The old way is full of friction points. From the test-drive, to the negotiation, to the paper-work to the delivery. High pressure, hidden fees, uninformed salespeople, surprises in vehicle condition. The list is endless. Consumers are left feeling anxious, stressed-out and taken advantage of.


At DealerShift our goal is to continuously find ways to improve the car-buying process. DealerShift is focused on an ethical, convenient and no-pressure buying experience combined with our goal of pricing fairly and passing that value on to you.

Negotiation Free

Why spend 15 minutes on the test-drive and hours negotiating? We believe everyone should get the same deal. No negotiation tactics. Our team continuously analyzes market data to ensure we are providing our customers fair, competitive pricing. This way, you can spend more time on your test-drive and less time being left in the office waiting for the mystery manager to adjust their marked-up price.

Say NO to:

  • “What would it take for you to buy today?”
  • “If I can get you this payment, will you make the deal?”
  • “This is below our cost”
Negotiation Free
No Salesperson Square

No Salesperson

No bad suits. No commissions. No pressure. 

When a salesperson is compensated on commission, there is a conflict of interest with your needs and wants. You came in for the white SUV but you are being shown the green minivan? 

We believe in rewarding our team on customer experience. The happier you are, the happier we are. A simple concept. 

Say NO to high-pressure and uninformed salespeople who are focused on their own interests, not yours. 

Test-Drive to You

Does it fit in your parking spot? Do the golf clubs fit inside? Don’t have a vehicle right now? Can’t make it to DealerShift after work? Or quite frankly, do you hate stepping foot inside a showroom? 

We can come to you. Make an appointment with a friendly DealerShift team member to demonstrate the vehicle to you on your time anywhere in the lower mainland, 7-days a week.

Test Drive To You

Full Transparency

We believe in an ethical and transparent buying process. That means our commitment is to give you ALL the information. How do we achieve this?

  • Each vehicle has any outstanding defects photographed and pointed out to you in person
  • We will walk you through the CarFax vehicle history report
  • An inspection report is provided with each vehicle
  • We will show you where we decided to spend our money on reconditioning
  • Should you wish to buy, we provide a transparent bill of sale with no hidden fees

We Charge One Fee

With DealerShift, we have one standard Service Charge. We aren’t going to hide it. And we can justify it. Why charge a fee? You could buy a vehicle privately, however, you may not receive these benefits of buying from us:

  • Vehicle History Report – Has the vehicle been in an accident?
  • Lien Check – Has the previous owner paid off their loan?
  • Vehicle Detail – We don’t just wash a car. Each vehicle receives a top to bottom detail including the engine bay, exterior polish and sealant. On the inside, we use a high-pressure vapour steamer to sanitize all interior panels. Finally, all fabric surfaces are cleaned using a a hot-water carpet extraction. 
  • A full tank of fuel
  • Full inspection and reconditioning to ensure safety by a Provincially
    Certified mechanic

Say NO to documentation fee, finance fee, vehicle preparation fee, administration fee or other hidden surprises. 

Low Overhead Model

Fancy Showroom + Expensive Parts Department + Marked-Up Service Departments = DEALER BLOAT. 

Traditional dealerships are facing rising costs of real estate, utilities, property taxes and more. Add to this large parts and service departments that mark-up parts pricing and charge sky-high hourly labour rates. Everyone is on the take.

These costs are passed on to you, We want to be different. Our goal is to minimize our footprint and monthly costs and shop for the best prices on parts and servicing. By doing this, we can pass those savings on to you. 

Say NO to Dealer BLOAT