Our Story

You didn’t like the old way of buying a car. Neither did we.

How it all began.

DealerShift was created with the goal to change the way people buy a car. Working in the dealership industry, our founders grew frustrated with the structure of the model.

Commissions, negotiation, marked-up services and parts, countless fees. The result was friction and unhappy clients. After purchasing a home, this is the second largest purchase of a person’s life. Yet, it is often filled with anxiety, stress, and remorse.


Our vision is to create an experience that disrupts the old model of buying a used car. No sleaze. No suits. No lies. No pressure. Relationships over transactions.

Our Values

Our commitment is to offer our clients the best experience possible by getting the little things right. DealerShift is a constant evolution. We won’t always get it right. And when we don’t, we want your feedback so we can grow and everyone can benefit.


Our goal is to have our customer’s best interests at heart in an industry where their interests often come last. Reputation matters.


You deserve to know everything. That way, you can make a buying decision with all the cards on the table. Our goal is to share with you everything that we know, good or bad.


DealerShift will make mistakes. It is how we respond to our mistakes and your feedback that will help us evolve. Help us help you.


Relationships > Transactions
We may not always have the car for you, but that doesn’t matter. Our goal is to have a relationship that goes beyond buying a car.


We’re a small fish in a big sea. Shifting the automotive industry is an uphill battle, but that won’t stop our evolution and ultimate goal to make buying a car easier.